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Cowboy Fairytales: Books 1 & 2
by Lacy Williams
4.3 Stars (1,058 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality | Religious & Inspirational Fiction | Romance

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For fans of sweetly romantic royal movies shown on the Hallmark Channel… read and enjoy the first two books in the fan-favorite Cowboy Fairytales series now. A princess on the run in a modern-day Snow White retelling needs help from a grumpy Navy SEAL rancher. And a Cinderella-esque cowboy meets a princess who is way out of his league… and falls helplessly in love.

There’s no room for emotion in Princess Alessandra’s life. Her every move is ordered. Scheduled.
But after narrowly escaping an assassination attempt, the princess finds herself in an extraordinary situation: marooned on a Texas ranch with an enigmatic, stubborn Navy Seal-turned-cowboy.
Her cowboy protector brings out everything she doesn’t want to feel. Irritation. Safety. Attraction.
If only her sanctuary at the ranch was meant to be permanent. When the time comes to return to her kingdom, Alessandra must abide by her duty. Even if it means leaving her heart behind with the cowboy she’s fallen for…

*heroine on the run
*family saga

Princess Mia made a mess of her reputation and needs to stay out of the spotlight — and the tabloids. Her future brother-in-law’s ranch seems like a perfect place to hide.
She didn’t expect to find a quiet freedom under the Texas sky. Or a friendship with a local cowboy that quickly grows into something more.
But Mia’s duties to the crown dictate who she can have in her life. And when the past she thought buried follows her to small-town Texas, she just might need a cowboy to hold her together.

*different worlds
*sworn off relationships

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His Forever Princess (Cowboy Fairytales Book 14)
by Lacy Williams
4.4 Stars (19 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality | Religious & Inspirational Fiction

Gideon never stopped loving his princess, though life tore them apart.
When danger threatens, Gideon is the only one who can protect Alessandra.
Isolation means safety, but not for Gideon’s heart…

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