This book is for all those who have spiritual questions and a desire to know the truth about critical spiritual issues. You should read this book if you (1) want to about the existence of God, (2) want to know why you should care about faith, (3) are curious about religion, (4) have an interest in spiritual solutions, (5) want to confirm what you believe, or (6) think your life is a mess.

Choose Faith: Your Spiritual Guidebook For Questions About Religion, God, Heaven, Truth, Evil, and the Afterlife (Life Planning Series)
by J. S. Wellman
4.8 Stars (12 Reviews)
Genre: Foreign Languages | Religion & Spirituality

This book will answer most if not all of your serious spiritual questions:

• Does God exist? Is He real?

• What about evolution?

• Does life have a purpose?

• What should I believe?

• Why does evil exist?

• If there is a god why doesn’t he eliminate evil?

• Which religion is true? Are religions all the same?

• Do all religions lead to the same god?

• Can I decide what is true for me?

• Can faith be real?

• My life is a mess, can faith help me?

• Can religion transform my life?

• What about the sin in my life?

• Are heaven and hell real?

• How do I get to heaven?

• Can I have a relationship with god?

• Is eternal life possible?

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