What If A Devil Banished A God from Heaven… A genre-bending saga that will provoke, thrill, and even amuse. The first entry of a planned trilogy is introspective and action-packed with familiar characters from history along with new ones who will haunt your mind. Over thousands of years, the justifiable lie key organizations have protected must confront the harshest of truths. Sources of inherent evil based on religion, mythology, and lore are about to be exposed. Those unsung heroes who chose a moral path will face the ultimate trial. The natural prepare to battle the supernatural. And the powers above shall shift the landscape of humankind’s history… For that, is their dominant nature…

DOMINATURE: What If The Devil…Banished God…From Heaven…
by Joe Belcastro
4.6 Stars (18 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Literature & Fiction

Embark on an epic fantasy adventure with reimagined divine beings in this alternate telling of one of humanity’s famed creation stories.

Adonai and Helel are divine creators, equal and co-existing on their cosmic realm of Alegion. Yet when an unforeseen clash of wills in how to govern the subspecies of humankind on the planet of Eden reaches a breaking point, one creator deceives the other.

Now banished to Eden, the only way to end this conflict is for the fallen one to lure the other onto Eden where a death blow can be administered.

For thousands of years, a veiled and methodical war ravages the plane of humanity. Notable landscapes are explored, resurrected, and manipulated. New and familiar historical characters, along with pivotal scenes throughout civilization, are remixed in this introspective and violent biblical-like saga.

Can any being overcome who they are inherently destined to be?

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