FINALLY!!!! Last night I was finally able to start decorating the inside of my house for Halloween. That was of course after I had to walk all three pups separately…. in the rain. I could go on to say I walked them up hill both ways in the rain, but it wasn’t THAT bad. Anyways… I am so excited that I finally had a moment to decorate. First I had to gut the living room. All knick knacks and such have been packed away (on hubby’s side of the closet..HA!), and I have started adding the streamers to the cabinets. That sounds pretty cheesey, and it kind of is, but they are glow in the dark streamers and I just love glow in the dark anything and everything. I also use plastic tablecloth as a main decorating tool, so you know Good Housekeeping won’t be giving me any awards. It’s all just fun for me and gives me a chance to be creative and fun. That’s what I love about Halloween… it’s just fun.

Death at Hazel House (A Sukey Reynolds Mystery Book 1)
by Betty Rowlands
4.3 Stars (1,103 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Thrillers

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Meet Sukey: talented gardener, fabulous photographer… amateur detective?

Sukey Reynolds is loving life in her gorgeous house in the countryside, spending her days trimming the tulips and making fabulous feasts. She has a steady job at the local police station as a photographer, she only wishes she’d made it as a fully-fledged detective when she was younger…

But when Sukey is asked to photograph an unusual break-in at the stunning Hazel House, she finds herself thrown into the midst of a bewildering mystery. The body of a beautiful woman has been found in the house, and the precious family safe has been emptied…

Perhaps handsome Hazel House is not as heavenly as it once seemed?

When a pair of beautiful gold earrings from Hazel House turn up in suspicious hands, Sukey is sure that the police have got the wrong end of the stick about this case, and she decides to snoop around the people who knew the dead woman. But who is the rotten apple? Could it be the timid tradesman, the fickle fitness coach or perhaps the hapless husband?

Despite her sleuthing, Sukey is no closer to catching the culprit, until she goes to photograph another house, where someone is secretly watching her. But who is going to listen to her theories, when she’s only a police photographer? Does Sukey have what it takes to crack this curious case by herself?

If you love murder mysteries by Agatha Christie, Faith Martin or Joy Ellis, then this unputdownable novel from the bestselling queen of cozy crime will have you hooked!

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The Starship Sneak (Origin Story Book 1)
by Marc B. DeGeorge
3.9 Stars (54 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult

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Five friends, lots of aliens, one big conspiracy.

Renton (Rance) Quigley He’ had two big dreams, and he was failing miserably at both. His first — to fight injustice throughout the Galactic Empire — went out the door with his father. Then came his second, and even more unrealistic, dream.

Kayley Scarlett Garmonichnyy was next to perfection. She was intelligent, beautiful, and so out of this league that Rance had expected never to date her. Not that he’d tried. Soon Kayley and the rest of his friends would continue their education far away. In two months, Rance would be alone.

Then it happened… War!

A surprise attack on their colony planet by a mysterious alien race created a panic. These highly advanced aliens were relentless and powerful — but something didn’t add up. Why do they attack so sporadically? And why doesn’t the Empire do more to protect their fledgling colony planet?

To find out, Rance and his friends must take the biggest step anyone ever has — right into the heart of an alien spaceship.

This fast-paced YA space adventure on helium is for fans of Firefly’s verbal snark, the hijinks of Scooby Doo, and the action of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Come join the gang on their first space misadventure.

Book one is now part of a five book completed series.

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Yakima Henry: Volume One: A Classic Western Fiction Series
by Peter Brandvold
4.4 Stars (2,805 Reviews)
Genre: Westerns | Classics

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Yakima Henry is the loneliest breed of men in the Old West — he’s half-white, half-Cheyenne Indian.

It’s not easy being a half-breed on the western frontier. Belonging to neither race, Yakima finds himself at odds with both. Often fleeing a hangman’s rope, the lonely Yakima roams the mountains and plains, looking for… what?

Hell, not even Yakima knows. A home, maybe? The love of a good woman? He finds both for a time only after having hell to pay to get them… But for a man like Yakima — with a reputation as one of the most formidable gunfighters on the entire frontier who’s left a trail of dead men in his wake, as well as a few broken hearts — none of the usual comforts are his for long.

Follow Yakima’s epic adventures in this captivating omnibus that combines heart-pounding action, western grit, and a quest for identity. This collection includes The Lonely Breed, The Thunder Riders, The Wild Breed, The Killing Breed, The Savage Breed, and The Dangerous Dawn.

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by Michael J. Vaughn
4.0 Stars (27 Reviews)
Genre: Literary Fiction

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An amateur opera critic finds himself in an affair with the world’s greatest diva in this rollicking, comedy from the author of Gabriella’s Voice.

Readers 18+

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The Heart Healthy Cookbook for Beginners
by Laura Kelley
4.0 Stars (468 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Are you concerned about your heart health?
Has one of your parents had a heart attack, and are you afraid the same will happen to you?
Or do the latest blood tests show that your cholesterol and triglyceride levels may affect your heart’s proper functioning?
If you answered YES, then keep reading.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death in Western countries, representing almost 30% of all deaths worldwide.

Evidence shows that a diet based on foods high in fat and sodium increases the risk of heart problems
Even if people might know that certain foods can increase your heart disease risk, changing your eating habits is often hard.
For this reason, I have collected in “The Heart Healthy Cookbook for Beginners 2023” the healthiest, mouthwatering, and easy-to-prepare recipes with easy-to-find ingredients on a budget to take care of your heart and your cardiovascular system.

Here is what you will find inside this 1500-day recipes cookbook:

• Heart healthy diet principles and how to get the most out of it. With easy-to-follow explanations, this book will allow you to start on the right foot and stay on track.

• AHA Recommendations. Discover what the American Heart Association recommends on diet and lifestyle for overall heart health.

• A ton of quick, easy, and delicious recipes. Most of these healthy recipes require just 5 easy-to-find main ingredients that you can find in any grocery store on a low budget.

• Tips and tricks to take advantage of all the benefits of this diet and Give your heart a new vitality

• 30-day meal plan. Follow a simple meal plan featuring anti-inflammatory ingredients and handy shopping lists to help kick-start the diet.

Thanks to this cookbook, you can now prepare affordable and mouthwatering meals that will IMPROVE your heart health in NO TIME.
Even if you are not a cooking person, these recipes are easy to make, quick, and super tasty, so they are perfect for you and your entire family! You will never have to prepare different meals!

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It Started With Joy (Jackson Hole Book 1)
by Cindy Kirk
4.5 Stars (1,081 Reviews)
Genre: Classics | Romance | Holidays

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All she wants for Christmas is a family to call her own…

Being alone is especially difficult around the holidays. That’s why, when Rachel Milligan takes in a foster child for the month of December, she’s determined to make this an unforgettable Christmas for Joy.

Ex-baseball sensation Derek Rossi blew into picturesque Jackson Hole on a snowy December day. Love is the last thing on his agenda. But Derek’s world is quickly knocked off kilter when he meets the vivacious Rachel and her spunky foster daughter,

Rachel can’t deny her life has been a whole lot more jolly since Derek rolled into town. When he smiles her world is suddenly as bright and shiny as the star atop a Christmas tree.

Rachel once believed that true love comes only once in a lifetime. This holiday season she’ll discover that her capacity to love is as big as the Wyoming sky… and that a family for Christmas is the best gift of all.

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Beyond The Canvas
by Andrea Anderson
3.6 Stars (23 Reviews)
Genre: Horror

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It’s just a painting. A painting can’t hurt you.

It all started with a school trip to the Manor house of Brookdean, an old boarding school in the South of England. It was a trip that started like any other, but quickly turned sour.

Grappling with her eating disorder, and a fall-out with her best friend, things go from bad to worse for Lauren. These things become the least of her worries when she finds herself drawn to a sinister painting in the library, and learns more about the disturbing past of the artist.

Fifteen years later, Lauren is still tormented by what happened on that trip, and decides to go back to Brookdean to confront her past, put things right, and to try and bring the haunting to an end, once and for all.

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