Why are my baby bassets the responsible ones? I was at Target with my oldest they other day, looking for a Lego he and his girlfriend could work on the next time it rains. We didn’t find anything, so we made our way to the holiday section. CHRISTMAS HAS COME! I was so excited! All the cute figurines, bright colors, and fun ornaments. I started looking over each and every item, carefully deciding if I was going to grab it or not. That was when my sweet boy gently grabbed my shoulders and steered me away. Do I need anymore decorations? Well.. no. I have an attic filled with Christmas decorations that are more than enough to decorate my whole house.  I really do have a Golum problem. Or I am just a racoon who loves shiny things. Thankfully my thrifting habit pays for itself in sales or I would have a big problem.

Werebear Scare: An Eastwind Witches Paranormal Cozy Mystery (A Ruby True Magical Mystery Book 1)
by Nova Nelson
4.5 Stars (687 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

FREE for a limited time

To solve a case so strange, this witch could use a stronger cup of tea.

Fifth Wind witch Ruby True has spent seventeen years wrangling stubborn spirits in the magical town of Eastwind. Now in her mid-forties, she’s starting to feel like she’s seen it all.

But that’s about to change.

When a simple case of a missing werebear takes an unexpected turn, Eastwind’s angel sheriff enlists Ruby’s psychic gifts to help find the culprit. But a string of suspicious attacks and rumblings of an old sinister legend lead Ruby True and Sheriff Bloom into uncharted territory.

Will they find the one responsible for the carnage before it finds them?

Werebear Scare: An Eastwind Witches Paranormal Cozy Mystery is the first book of the Ruby True Magical Mystery series that takes place 30 years before the Eastwind Witches Cozy Mysteries. If you like strong female friendships, gossipy quaint towns, and lighthearted humor, you will love Nova Nelson’s delightful tale!

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Relive: A Time Travel Adventure (The Journeyer Series Book 1)
by KJ Nelson
4.4 Stars (956 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Action & Adventure

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What happens when you fall in love with the girl you murdered in your first life?

An electrifying debut novel from KJ Nelson.

It’s the perfect blend of Back to the Future, and The Shawshank Redemption.

There is a secret order called The Journeyers. They are a group of people that live their lives over and over. For the most part, they keep to themselves and enjoy their special kind of immortality. They have a vested interest in making sure the timeline doesn’t change too much. The only issue is someone with knowledge from the future is making ripples and ripples are never good.

Gerald Holstrom is an inmate at Folsom Prison. He’s served 47 years of his life sentence. He spends every day filled with regret, trying desperately to survive in a world of concrete and barbed wire.

His regrets flood his mind. He’s constantly plagued by visions of the crime he committed when he was only 19. The blood on his hands weighs him down.

When his young friend makes enemies out of the wrong people, he makes a snap decision that costs him his life.

His vision fades as the blood pools around his dying body. He wishes to see the sky without barbed wire blocking his vision. He sees her face.

Gerald dies, but his life isn’t over.

He’s a Journeyer.

His past isn’t written.

He has a chance to change things for the better.

It isn’t going to be that easy.

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Seriously, Murder?
by Monica Hoopes
4.3 Stars (323 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Foreign Languages

FREE for a limited time

Alice Humphries is a small-town Jersey lawyer, and she knows what she’s doing. Kind of. And hell — even if she doesn’t, she and her best friend Don can normally figure it out. They are recent law school grads who’ve opened up their own practice, and they’ll take just about any case they can get to keep the electricity on and buy donuts on Fridays. But when they’re assigned to a high-profile murder through the Public Defender’s Office, they find themselves in over their heads.

The victim: a well-known divorce attorney found shot to death in his office. Their client: his blond, botoxed, and bitchy wife. Alice and Don have to get her out of jail, keep her out of jail, and figure out what the hell they’re doing in the process. And meanwhile, they still have two other clients to contend with: a 23 year-old hot-blooded drama queen who pelts her on-again-off-again older lover with snowballs and erects giant snow penises on the hood of his car, and a brash-mouthed Texas pageant mom who assaults a fellow contestant with a giant cupcake and stuffs her four-year old’s bra for the win. And then there’s sexy Assistant Prosecutor/enemy of the defense, Jake Harris. Alice can’t figure out whether she wants to strangle him or make out with him, but the feeling is definitely mutual.

Seriously, Murder? is the first installment in a laugh-out-loud romcom murder mystery series that will keep you wanting more! Don and Alice are at the heart of this story, and they just might save the day (if they don’t kill each other, first).

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Hex of the Witch: An Urban Fantasy Novel (The Other Witch Series Book 1)
by Heather G. Harris
4.7 Stars (897 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult

FREE for a limited time

It’s not paranoia when they are really out to get you…

I’m Amber, potion and rune mistress and all round witch extraordinaire. I’ve spent half my life building my career and I finally feel like greatness is within my grasp. I’ve been working on a special potion, a potion that could change everything for witches and wizards everywhere. Unfortunately some people are allergic to change and will stop at nothing to keep the status quo.

A price has been put on my head – and my enemies are coming for me. Vampyrs, ogres and black witches are gunning for me, and they want me dead by any means necessary. In their infinite wisdom, the coven council assigns me my very own griffin bodyguard – and of course, the one they assign is none other than my most hated enemy, Bastion.

Bastion comes with his own baggage. He has a black witch’s curse upon him and it is slowly killing him. To save myself, I’m going to have to lift the curse and work with him – because another black witch is circling and she has me in her sights…

I need to save my enemy, finish my potion, and hunt down the black witch – if she doesn’t kill me first.

Don’t miss this witchy series if you like humour, heart and a strong heroine with a slow burn, enemies to lovers, fade-to-black romance.

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Falling on Main Street: A Small-Town Contemporary Christian Romance (Seasons of Love Book 1)
by Tara Grace Ericson
4.6 Stars (369 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality

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Shame chases her to Minden.
Grief traps him in the past.
But they can’t deny the spark between them.

Charlotte’s world as a high-powered executive recruiter comes crashing down after a classified document under her care is leaked to the press. Taking refuge in a small Indiana town, she is determined to heal before taking back her life.

Luke Brand chases off any threat to the memory of the wife he lost too soon. When his world is invaded by a city-slicker with stunning green eyes, Luke struggles to follow God’s instruction to help the town’s newest resident.

Between the infuriating hot and cold signals of her landlord’s son and the sincere faith of those in her new circle, Charlotte is left questioning a lot more than how to take back her career. Can this time together in the charming town of Minden spur healing for both Charlotte and Luke?

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Dunkirk to Belsen: The Soldiers’ Own Dramatic Stories
by John Sadler
4.3 Stars (267 Reviews)
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs | History

FREE for a limited time

In this extraordinary book, the soldiers who served in the Durham Light Infantry recount their personal experiences of serving in World War II.

Following the remarkable story of a ‘band of brothers’ who fought in every major land campaign, the soldiers tell their versions of what it was like to march across France and Belgium, to battle both the enemy and the harsh terrain of Sicily and to fight bitterly up the Italian Peninsula to the beaches of Normandy. They tell the harrowing tale of arriving at the gates of the Reich and the unthinkable horrors of Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp – and the bittersweet victory of its liberation.

Theirs are stories of astonishing courage and admirable perseverance, and by compiling them into this book, John Sadler has created a truly poignant narrative that will resonate with all readers. Drawing on extensive interviews, the voices of the individual soldiers narrate the events of the war with all of its terror, hope, misery, comradeship, heroism, sacrifice, boredom and superhuman endurance.

Dunkirk to Belsen: The Soldiers’ Own Dramatic Stories is one of the most unique and movingly personal histories of World War II.

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