Is love as relentless as time? Embark on a romantic journey that transcends time in this breathtaking tale of love, loss, and hope. Delve into three captivating narratives that intricately weave together to reveal the enduring power of love, transcending time, and defying expectations.

It’s About Time: A Genre-Bending Love Story Told Across Centuries (The Continuum Series)
by T.H.E. Swan
Genre: Historical Fiction | Family Life

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Is love as relentless as time?

In the present day, Sarah is thrust into the role of caregiver for her father. An off-handed comment from her teenage daughter causes her to question her desires, her everyday choices, and her evolving relationship with her father.

In the 19th-Century, Thomas desires to marry his sweetheart in Rouen, France when an unforeseen tragedy tears them apart. He finds solace in bustling New York City, yet his heart is haunted by his past and he left his beloved behind with a secret.

Immature Domenico Medici wants nothing more than his father’s love, but his life is turned upside-down when he encounters a basket maker. His internal struggle between conforming to his father’s expectations and being tempted by his heart unfolds against the backdrop of Renaissance Florence.

This novel explores the beauty and complexity of love, from the unbreakable bonds of family to the heart-wrenching pain of loss. With heart, humor, and unforgettable characters, “It’s About Time” will leave you breathless as you witness the unwavering power of love conquering every obstacle. Curl up with this enchanting novel as you immerse yourself in a world unlike any other.

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