A promise of risk free investment is made for a new share float, an upmarket real estate development. But what sits behind the gold plated prospectus? Is it true that former workers at the site are sick and dying, even poisoned! And is it true that the past company assets will vanish once the new listing is done, along with the chance for any compensation? A journalist investigates. The company is determined to stop her. It’s a race against time. Can she uncover the truth before it is tool late?

by Graham Wilson
4.6 Stars (11 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Suspense

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A new company float – Gilt Investments – risk free investment. Its structure keeps the valued parts in a new portfolio and leaves the risk behind. Is it real or is it Gold Placed Spin, a new public mask of glitter to hide the guilt behind.
Corporate lawyer, Stephen, knows Gilt Investments will give a great return. His own bonus and share allocation promise a cash bonanza.
It is all set to go. He delivers the Prospectus to the printer to send out to select clients. It goes live in a week.
But as the final hours tick away a journalist rings. A desperately ill woman has contacted her, she claims the past company has poisoned her.
The journalist goes looking for evidence, only to find out a company restructure has separated a murky past from a glittering future.
As she digs deeper she finds other victims, paid a pittance and then hushed up. Some are dead now but many others are alive and sick.
It is a race on three counts, to stop the float clock so the assets don’t vanish, to keep the victims alive to testify and to keep her own past buried, lest it derail it all.

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