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by Len Handeland
4.5 Stars (50 Reviews)
Genre: Horror

**** Recently awarded first place in the 2022 Booksfest awards *****

A dynamic, enthralling tale of love, jealousy, rage, and the Supernatural!
When Jack, who struggles with his own sexual identity, meets elegant yet incredibly mysterious Laurent Richelieu, he thinks his stroke of bad luck with men and women has ended. Or is it the beginning of a nightmare? As the two begin their courtship-Jack encounters horrifying experiences involving paranormal experiences, vampirism, and possible reincarnation, making him question his sanity. The more time Jack spends with his mysterious European love interest, the more revealed the dark secret awaiting Jack. Are they destined to be together? Does Laurent honestly care for Jack? Or is there a much more sinister plot involved with two other vampires, Stefan and Fabien? Can the help of a self-described Voodoo High Priestess named “Queen Raphaella” alter Jack’s predestined future, or is his fate already sealed?

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Requiem for Miriam: A Murder, Crime, Paranormal Drama
by Len Handeland
5.0 Stars (12 Reviews)
Genre: Suspense | Crime Fiction

**** Recently awarded first place in the Literary Titan book awards ****

Sidney and Miriam seem to be the perfect, successful New York couple, but their marriage is a tragic sham. When Sidney’s glamorous mistress, Tori, urges him to get rid of his troublesome wife, a murderous series of events ensues. Sidney kills Miriam in a fit of rage, and with her last breath, she curses him. Tori dies horribly at the hands of a vengeful ghost and Sidney goes on the run.
Maria, an ambitious young detective with a hidden psychic gift, is on the case. With the help of her Haitian lover, Raphaella, a striking, rum-drinking voodoo expert, she tracks Sidney down and goes undercover to entrap him. But Maria soon finds herself in mortal danger from the man she is hunting.
Will Maria and Raphaella get their man? And will Miriam find the justice – and revenge – she seeks from beyond the grave?

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Transplanted Evil : A supernatural suspense novel
by Len Handeland
Genre: Suspense

Meet Elizabeth Bennington. A shy young girl raised in privilege with a distant and uncaring father and a doting and overly protective mother outside of Boston in the neighboring town of Charlestown. Yet, despite coming from wealth, Elizabeth was born with a congenital heart condition, leading to bullying at school, hopelessness, and a failed suicide attempt rescued by her parents. She is sent to Bourneville psychiatric hospital, where she undergoes transformative therapy sessions, dramatically improving her outlook on life. She is released after a year. But Elizabeth has a secret: she can see into the future and is haunted by recurring nightmares foreshadowing unspeakable acts of murder involving a mysterious young man with hair the color of a raven splattered with blood. Marty Bowles attends school with Elizabeth and is madly in love with her, almost obsessed with her. Marty’s propensity for violence at school, his depraved lust for killing stray animals, and his involvement with the black arts, including demonic worship, conjuring a demon named Kashgar, and possession, directly threaten her. Could Marty be the mysterious young man in her nightmares who will stop at nothing to gain her love and unite them with his sinister plan?

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