Single Dads and Unexpected twist that will draw you in. Bellame Bootz spins tales of sweet romance that effortlessly tug at your heartstrings. Her heroes possess an undeniable allure, generating lively and playful connections. In her stories, the line between the imaginable and improbable blurs, giving life to intriguing attractions that fill our dreams.

Next Door Jack: A Grumpy Single Dad Romance
by Bellame Bootz
4.3 Stars (12 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Teen & Young Adult | Romance

Rescuing a drowning intruder in my Hollywood pool wasn’t on my agenda.
Instead of a Hero’s welcome, I accuse her of being Paparazzi.
Big mistake.
She happens to be Magnolia Verde, my groundskeeper sister and caring for his dogs while he’s away.
She’s stubborn to forgive my irrational outburst.
But quickly becomes a haven for my children, Peter and Bella, who recently lost their mother.
With her teaching degree, I offer her a generous sum to homeschool my kids.
Each day, she draws close, ingraining herself deeply into our lives.
But my fear of the public eye and Maggie’s new opportunity is pulling us apart.
I’ve secluded myself for far too long, thinking I had life all figured out.
Now faced with a choice of Maggie pursuing her dreams or staying with us, I’ve come to realize that no man is an Island.

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Smitten For The Summer: A Small Town, Off Limits Romance
by Bellame Bootz
4.5 Stars (40 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult

Fresh out of college and coaching a summer sports camp. I find solace in my friendship with Hudson, a shy little boy with a heart-melting smile.

Little do I know, his grumpy billionaire father, Julius Ward, is the very neighbor I recently insulted.

Accidentally. I promise!

But fate has a funny way of intervening. He offers me a nanny position I can’t refuse.

Amidst a date gone horribly wrong and a surprising rescue, our undeniable connection is being tested.

The lines blur between professional duty and matters of the heart.

And with a significant age gap and his off-limits status, I’m at risk for a heartbreak.

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The Billionaire’s Unexpected Role: A Single Dad Romance of Secrets and Love
by Bellame Bootz
4.4 Stars (19 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Small Town & Rural

Concealing my true identity from the woman I’m falling for becomes a challenging necessity.

Ruthie is a breath of fresh air amidst the newfound shocking revelation that I have a seven-year-old son, Charlie.

Her unwavering support guides me through the uncharted waters of being a new father.

As Charlie grapples with his mother’s loss, Ruthie’s presence offers him solace and comfort.

Our shared moments are gradually weaving a new tapestry of family life, instilling hope in me for a brighter future.

However, my father’s dark past is intricately linked to Ruthie’s family tragedy.

And as the day of reckoning approaches, I face a dilemma: reveal my true identity and risk losing everything or continue concealing the painful truth.

Standing torn between love and truth, I’m determined to win her heart. At any cost.

And I just made a HUGE mistake. I’m losing her!

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