When you realize bariatric surgery is more than eating your protein… When you travel towards an unknown destination, would you rather turn on your GPS knowing which way to go – or would you just start driving “hoping” you’ll turn up in the right place? Imagine having a solid framework, bundled in an easy-to-read guide so you can make your journey more successful. The Bariatric Blueprint answers your questions in a straightforward manner. Let’s unravel your journey together!

The Bariatric Blueprint: A Simple Guide To A Successful Lifestyle after Bariatric Surgery
by Maggie Hills, Naf Bour, Your Onederland
4.9 Stars (17 Reviews)
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting | Self-Help

Having bariatric surgery is like unraveling a blueprint, finding new ways to structure your life afterwards. Because you’re bound to run into tons of questions that need answers:

“Why do I feel hungry one day, and am completely full the next?”
“Why does my weight stall and should I do something about it?”
“What can I do about hair loss, dumping syndrome and “the foamies?”
“What are the facts about oral health and tailbone pain?”
“And, should I really be THAT afraid of stretching my stomach?”

No one can predict how you feel after bariatric surgery. But knowing what to expect, takes away part of the guesswork when you’re prioritizing the bariatric guidelines while also doing the mindset work.

The Bariatric Blueprint gives you a framework of how life after bariatric surgery looks like, and what strategies you need to maintain long-term success – written from a place of knowledge and compassion.

We shed light on the common and less common events after bariatric surgery. Because understanding the science behind why certain things happen in your journey, makes it easier to overcome all obstacles.

The chapters of The Bariatric Blueprint are inspired by the Your Onederland Blog (also known as “The Bariatric Mini-Guides”). We bundled our best reads, added more insight, and organized them into 5 parts, so that you can easily navigate through the topics.
After reading The Bariatric Blueprint, you:

• have a clear understanding of the basic principles that are required after bariatric surgery

• understand the “why” behind the bariatric guidelines making it easier to remove self-judgment for not meeting your goals right away

• are aware of the greatest nutrition and mindset obstacles in your bariatric journey (the ones that are real dealbreakers for post-op success)

• have a foundation of how to actually rewire your brain along with knowing how to create new habits that last way beyond the honeymoon stage

• have a framework you can rely on during weight stalls, weight regain and mindset hurdles like tackling the all-or-nothing mindset

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