Charlie Edwards’ life unravels when she uncovers her husband’s sinister plot. Seeking refuge with her twin, Dani, they deploy their skills to thwart his dangerous scheme. FBI agent Deeds investigates, entangled in emotions from his past. A riveting tale of deception unfolds, with the twins facing peril, sharp knives, and a relentless FBI pursuit.

A Change in Destiny: Dark Choices
by Janet K. Shawgo
4.6 Stars (10 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

“Never has a dark choice seemed so right.” -M.R. Fournet, author of Brick Dust and Bones

Charlie Edwards once-perfect life is shattered when she discovers her husband’s infidelity and plan to kill her for an inheritance. Feeling helpless and in danger, Charlie turns to her mirror-image twin, Dani. They use their specialized skill sets to assure his plan does not succeed.

FBI agent Brian Deeds is assigned to investigate Charlies’ husband for bank fraud. When the possibility of his ex-fiancés’ involvement arises in the case, will his feelings override his duty?

In this gripping tale of deception and danger, the twins will use an outhouse, a pig farm and some very sharp knives to outmaneuver Jonathan and stay one step ahead of the FBI’s investigation. Will they have what it takes to make the dark choices to change their destiny?

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