Such a random thing to pop in my head, but do any of you remember Prell Shampoo in the toothpaste shaped tube? Even for the time that was just weird. And it was so…GREEN! For giggles I Googled it. They still sell it! NEW! Okay then. How dare I question the relevance of Prell Shampoo. Did you know that if you find an old Prell Shampoo bottle from the 70’s or 80’s, even half empty, goes for $80 on eBay? I think it’s time to visit the parents to see what’s up.

Torch Ginger (Paradise Crime Mysteries, Book 2)
by Toby Neal
4.4 Stars (4,038 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Crime Fiction

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Paradise is full of missing people. But she’s the only one who realizes they’re gone.
Detective Lei Texeira and her dog, Keiki, transfer to the lush, tropical island of Kaua`i where she uncovers a pattern of disappearances that may be related to a bizarre cult — or is it just one madman at work?

He knows what he does is wrong… but he has to silence the voices.
He thought he’d finally find peace with this latest sacrifice, but there’s someone coming for him… and she’s getting way too close.
“Lei is both tough detective and vulnerable woman in this second winning novel in the popular Hawaii mystery series created by Toby Neal.” ~David Bishop, author of The Woman

Grab this fast paced crime mystery, and take a trip to Hawaii now! Load up while they are discounted.

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THE TEARS OF AUTUMN heartbreaking and unputdownable World War II historical fiction
4.3 Stars (2,097 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Sagas

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1938, Italy. Biff and Rosemary are honeymooning in Sorrento.

They meet Konrad and Anna, a charming couple who also happen to be newlyweds.

They seem to have so much in common — Biff is a pilot in the RAF and Konrad is in the German Navy. Soon things will be very different…
They tour the Amalfi coast, and visit the ruins at Pompeii. When their holiday comes to an end, they swear to meet again in a year’s time.

But their countries and their allegiances will be torn apart by war.

Konrad and Anna seem so nice. They can’t possibly be the enemy, can they?

Each of them is drawn further into the chaos of conflict. Who will survive? And what will fate hold for these couples?


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Healing your inner child: A guide to transformation and self-love
4.7 Stars (55 Reviews)
Genre: Self-Help

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Are your past experiences, childhood trauma, and emotions serving as obstacles to achieving a bright and prosperous future?

Do you want to start a journey of self-healing and personal growth?

Then you are at the right book!

Matilda Simakaj has guided people in their transformation journey since 2019.

Introducing ‘Healing your Inner Child- A Guide to Transformation and Self Love.’ This comprehensive self-guide for adults – men and women will help you mend your emotional core and teach you acknowledgment, forgiveness, self-compassion, and acceptance with therapeutic techniques to heal your inner child. Consequently, you will have healthy relationships with yourself and others. It is the fundamental right of every human being to have high self-esteem, to heal the emotional wounds of childhood, to love and respect themselves with dignity, and to find peace within themselves. This book will help the person recognize the triggers that cause emotional distress and lead you to a peaceful, balanced, and fulfilling life.

?Benefits of having Healing Your Inner Child:

• Emotional Healing: You can experience profound emotional healing by addressing your inner child, leading to emotional resilience and personal growth.

• Healing and Forgiveness: This self-help book for men and women guides the healing process, including forgiveness, which can lead to personal peace and improved mental health.

• Self-Evaluation: This comprehensive self-growth book gives a deeper understanding of past childhood traumas and their impact on present behavior.

• Coping Skills: By recognizing and addressing emotional triggers, you can develop practical coping skills for managing emotions.

• Self-Empowerment: By reparenting and self-compassion, you can take control of your emotional well-being, leading to a happier and healthier life.

• Improved Relationships: Healing your inner child can lead to healthier and more fulfilling relationships with your loved ones.

• Stress Reduction: Mirror work and self-compassion can reduce stress and anxiety.

This book will be a valuable resource for adults seeking emotional healing, self-discovery, and personal growth, leading to a fulfilling, balanced life.

Prioritize yourself Because You Are Important!

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The Hope in Hot Chocolate (A Poppy Creek Novel Book 7)
by Rachael Bloome
4.7 Stars (1,360 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Women’s Fiction | Contemporary Fiction

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From the USA Today bestselling author of feel-good, small-town romances, comes a love story bursting with (clean) toe-curling chemistry, surprising mysteries, and the unbreakable bonds of chosen family.

Kindhearted candymaker Sadie Hamilton wants nothing to do with Mr. Anti-sugar who’s opening a business right next door. Especially since she’s trying to save her struggling confectionery from going under while he’s introducing a brand-new shiny establishment that will be a direct competitor to her little store.

Between caring for his ailing mother and launching a risky new venture, billionaire philanthropist Landon Morris doesn’t have time for distractions. Which is particularly aggravating since he can’t get the feisty owner of Sadie’s Sweet Shop out of his head.

They’re complete opposites, but as their paths continue to cross — and they’re forced to share a booth at the Sips & Sweets Festival — they realize some connections can’t be denied, no matter how unexpected.

Can they put aside their contention long enough to learn from each other’s differences? Or will they let love — and a chance at happily ever after — slip through their fingertips?

The Hope in Hot Chocolate is a sweet, enemies-to-love romance about hope, forgiveness, and, of course, a whole lot of chocolate! Happily ever after guaranteed.

Grab your copy today and fall in love with the beloved, bestselling small-town series featuring characters who instantly feel like friends.

Each book is a complete, standalone story, but thanks to the cast of recurring characters, they’re much more fun when read in order.

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The Rebellion: Eris: Book One (The Sayan Knights Series 1)
by M. L. Gardner, Mountain Winds Editing, The Thatchery
4.5 Stars (36 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Science Fiction

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This action-packed dystopian novel by the best-selling author of the 1929 Series takes you far into the future where freedom and truth no longer exist.

After a worldwide pandemic decimates the population, those left alive fall for the promises of a tyrannical regime. Decades later, no one knows the world was ever free, save a small group of men and women brave enough to escape.
Nicholi, a third-generation rebel, now leads the village his grandfather founded sixty years earlier. Sheltered deep in the Sayan Mountains of Russia, he trains resistance fighters for the rebellion and copes with the reckless behavior of his jealous younger brother.

Quinn, the latest recruit smuggled from the city is a distraction for Nicholi and soon ignites his passion for something other than war. After a bitter betrayal, Nicholi learns a dark family secret that forces an urgent decision. While balancing what’s best for his people and fulfilling his own destiny, he is caught up in a life or death game of power and obsession that could destroy everything his ancestors worked for.

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ROSCO The Fastest Aussie on Earth: The amazing true life story of Rosco McGlashan by Mark J Read
by Mark J Read
4.8 Stars (93 Reviews)
Genre: Sports & Outdoors | Biographies & Memoirs

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Rosco McGlashan is a legend of Australian motor sport and drag racing. He is also the current Australian land speed record holder. His early years were tough. He spent time in state-run homes and remand centres, eventually leaving home and school at 12. He then drives up north in Western Australia to find work, increasing his age from 12 to 16, to fund his racing career.

He fought everyone and everything and, at 17, ended up in prison and even solitary confinement. Once released, his salvation comes through his love of speed and raw horsepower. He focuses his fighting spirit and energy on racing and going very fast.

His V8 drag bike and jet dragsters take him from Perth and WA all over Australia, New Zealand and the USA. He meets some incredible people, leading to some amazing adventures and tales that will leave you speechless.

Later, his motorsport career and quest for speed took him to other countries. He gets kidnapped by the Russian Mafia when trying to buy two MIG jet fighter engines and fights his way out. He crashes a car at nearly 600 mph. He also clinically dies on an operating table when another car he was racing went off a mountain road in driving rain. He was revived and went on to break many motor racing and land speed records.

He meets mass murderers and world leaders, then casually chats with the Dalai Lama. Eventually, Rosco turned his attention to breaking the Australian and world land speed records, a goal he set himself at age 12. In 1994 he beat Donald Campbell’s Australian land speed record.

Rosco and the Aussie Invader team are putting the finishing touches to their latest record-breaker, the world’s fastest and most powerful car, Aussie Invader 5R. This car has 200,000 horsepower, the equivalent of 200 Formula One cars! It can accelerate from 0 – 1000 mph in just 22 seconds.

You won’t be able to put “ROSCO The Fastest Aussie on Earth” down. This kindle book is an incredibly inspiring, moving and motivational true story of guts, grit, and determination. Quitting is not in this man’s vocabulary.

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Murder on the Mesa (Violet Vaughn Southwestern Mysteries #1)
by Kristina Charles
4.5 Stars (51 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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Rattlesnakes, RVs and road trips? None of these are in middle-aged Violet’s vocabulary. But overnight, she’s barreling across the country, leaving Chicago for a tiny, New Mexico desert town in search of the man who stole her money. Oh, and he happens to be her ex-husband. Well, almost ex. The Englishman she picks up on the way has a secret, but Hugh seems to come in handy. Especially when the two find themselves in the crosshairs of the town sheriff — as suspects in a murder. With the help of some quirky townsfolk and a rescue dog they might be able to solve the crime themselves, get Violet’s money and find out what happened to the missing and murdered indigenous women from the neighboring Navajo Nation.

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