Just a quickity do da question. Are my crows broken? I have been feeding them for over a month now, and I have yet to receive a shiny gift from them. All over the internet people are talking about feeding crows and getting little gifts in return. So… what’s the deal? I know there are plenty of shiny options around the neighborhood. I walk my pups, I see the litter. I don’t need litter, but the crows don’t know it’s junk. I am feeling a bit unappreciated. I will keep doing it for now, but there is a good chance when my bag of almonds runs out I am done.

The Death of the Party: A Saddle Creek Cozy Mystery Book 1
by Maggie Aldrich
4.5 Stars (45 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Women’s Fiction | Humor & Entertainment

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Upon moving back to small town America, the last thing newbie reporter Jackie Robinson expects to discover is a dead body. And not just any dead body. Local football legend and popular native son Barry Bartmore – the “King” of Saddle Creek.

Much to the chagrin of Officer Tony Torres, her first unrequited crush, Jackie puts on her reporter’s hat and takes the case. She’s determined to write a breakout story and forget her own sketchy past, no matter who gets in her way. But when BFF Amy becomes the prime suspect, things start to get hairy. Can Jackie clear Amy’s name without digging up her own secrets? Or will the irresistable and determined Officer Torres stop her dead in her tracks?

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The Northern Blockade (Charles Dollimore Book 1)
by M. C. Smith
4.3 Stars (250 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction

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May, 1916.

The First World War is raging and Lieutenant Charles Dollimore is serving on HMS Warspite with the Home Fleet.

He wants to make his new son, Philip, proud when he is old enough to ask, ‘What did you do during the war?’

Then the Warspite’s squadron runs into the German High Sea Fleet off Jutland.

Witnessing the violence and the death haunts Dollimore.

Many years later, war looms once again.

Suffering from memories of Jutland, Dollimore makes an error in judgment that results in the loss of fellow sailors. He is discreetly sent to serve out of the way on the China Station.

As the Second World War about to break out, Dollimore is looking for vindication and serving in China is not going to do it.

Some at the Admiralty are not convinced he can serve, but he is given the benefit of the doubt and command of HMS Burscombe, one of the most powerful cruisers in the Home Fleet. After all, he was at Jutland.

For over two hundred years the Clark family has been producing successful officers for the Royal Navy.

Rear-Admiral Harper Clark is well respected at work but his family life is another matter. His youngest son David has no interest in serving but Harper will not stand for that, not with war coming.

David is also in love with Maggie, a girl from the village. Thinking that love is greater than the barriers of class, they make their feelings known, opening up a past history of hate between the families.

When David’s sister, Patricia, is dealt a serious blow by the fortunes of war, she adds fuel to the fire by claiming David is not a Clark at all, but the product of their mother’s affairs.

It is time for him to face his father and get answers, but what is the Old Man’s true agenda?

Meanwhile, the war machine gears up.

Home Fleet exercises are being run and an economic blockade of Germany is planned as the winds of war whirl. Seeking out the enemy on the turbulent seas, some men will prove themselves; some will barely hang on to past glories – and when the real battles begin, Jerry does a lot more damage than anticipated.

Reminiscent of Herman Wouk’s The Winds of War, The Northern Blockade is a story of the human impact of war, and the actions that leaves scars deeper than skin.

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From Illustrating to Love: A Sweet Fake Relationship Romance (Point Harbor)
by Ruby James
4.2 Stars (197 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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How hard could it be to pretend to love and adore someone for seven days?

Marley Hamilton-Shaw is an up-and-coming illustrator who isn’t afraid to tackle challenging projects. There’s only one thing she refuses to do: Marley doesn’t illustrate for children’s books, period.

Conor Sullivan is a successful children’s book author. Since he first discovered her work, he’s wanted Marley to design his book covers for a new young adult series. But Marley turns down his project with a giant resounding no.

When a best-selling horror author — who just happens to be Conor’s best friend — announces he’s looking for illustrators to turn his anthology of short stories into graphic novels, Marley is willing to do whatever it takes to be one of the illustrators selected… … And Conor has the perfect solution. He promises to get her artwork in front of his best friend if she agrees to be his fake girlfriendat a week-long family celebration and illustrates his young adult books. But his proposal to Marley has nothing to do with her gorgeous curves and bewitching smile.

Conor holds the key to Marley’s dream project. Is she willing to put her convictions aside to get what she wants? If she agrees, it will have nothing to do with Conor’s thick strawberry blond hair or smoldering dark blue eyes.

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The Girl in the Van: A chilling psychological suspense page-turner
by Helen Matthews
4.1 Stars (425 Reviews)
Genre: Parenting & Relationships | Politics & Social Sciences | Suspense

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A tormented mother. An abandoned girl. A deadly game of survival.

What happened to Ellie?

Traumatised by events, Ellie’s mother, Laura, can’t bear to stay in the Welsh seaside town where she lives with her partner, Gareth. She escapes to London, breaking all ties with him, and refusing to tell anyone her new address.

After two years of living alone and working in a mundane job, Laura buys an old campervan and joins a singles holiday. Here, she meets Miriana, a teenage girl who bears a chilling resemblance to Ellie. As Laura uncovers Miriana’s story, she’s shocked by the parallels to her own life.

But stories can be dangerous, and someone out there will stop at nothing to prevent the truth about Ellie from coming out…

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Flash Point (The Blackwells Book 1) (Steele Ridge: The Blackwells)
by Tracey Devlyn
4.4 Stars (152 Reviews)

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In this first book of Steele Ridge’s exciting new series, The Blackwells, USA Today bestselling author Tracey Devlyn plunges readers into the dangerous world of asset recovery with this one-night stand, frenemies to lovers story between a burned out recovery agent and a single mom who leads the FBI’s art crime cases.

A treasure hunter thought he had everything in his life firmly in hand until a chance encounter with a mysterious redhead tests the limits of his self-control.

When FBI Special Agent Olivia Westcott’s boss hands over her next assignment, she has an opportunity to retrieve a priceless artifact and shut down a high-profile drug scheme in one fell swoop. All Liv has to do is work with the lead recovery agent of Blackwell Asset Recovery Services — with whom she’d had a passionate one-night stand two weeks prior — and not let her feelings compromise the case.

Zeke Blackwell still struggles with running the family business after his older brother unexpectedly left him in charge. Now he has the added responsibility of keeping drugs off the streets of small towns across Western North Carolina and keeping his hands off the too-enticing special agent while they’re planning the joint operation. As if that’s not enough to keep him up at night, he’s also searching for a centuries-old treasure that could change the course of his and his family’s lives.

But what starts as a high-value asset recovery spirals out of control when their enemies force Liv and Zeke to stay one step ahead of danger. Is their attraction worth the risk? Or will they find themselves playing a game too dangerous to survive?

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