Okay… this was not one of my finest moments. About a month ago, hubby and I decided to pack up the pups and baby bassets and go to the beach for a nice walk on the sand. We stopped at the mini-mart to get a few snacks for the road. The baby bassets and hubby went into the store to pick out the treats while I stood outside behind my car in the parking lot with the pups. In perfect terrier fashion, Casper and Rosey decided to announce their presence. YAP YAP YAP YAP!!!! Not at anyone in particular, just to the wind I guess. About a minute later a man exits the store and begins to yell at me all the terrible things I can do to my dogs that all ended with a gruesome death. I was shocked. He was quite graphic, but before I could say anything he got into his car and started to drive off. I felt so bad that I didn’t say anything and defend my dogs. But then he pulled up next to me and began a whole new round of horrible instructions. That’s when I lost it. I let loose a slew of profanities that made no sense what so ever. What they lacked in quality, they made up for in quantity. He then drove off. Just now I thought of a good come back. Let me know what you think. “You sound just like my dogs”. I wonder if I will ever see him again.

What We Become
by Reece Willis
3.8 Stars (91 Reviews)
Genre: Literary Fiction | Psychological

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She was everything he could have wanted. From the moment she came into his life, she captured his heart and turned his world upside down.

Now that she’s gone, he can’t live without her.

When Ben falls in love with Kirsten he believes he’s on the brink of true happiness. He works hard to create a secure life for them and when their baby daughter arrives, Ben thinks his world is complete.

But then Kirsten reveals a darker side that leaves him mentally and emotionally broken.

Desperate for resolution, Ben follows her to Thailand. He has a plan, but Kirsten is one step ahead and his pursuit of her only leads him down a destructive path. His mind is in turmoil, plagued by memories of happier times, unable to come to terms with what he’s lost.

How far will he go for the one he loves?

In this exciting new psychological journey from the author of Towards the Within, a story of love, obsession and regret awaits.

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The Arc of Dacicus (Vialegio Book 2)
by Charles Edward Williams
4.1 Stars (11 Reviews)
Genre: War | Historical Fiction

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Years of provocation and deception have incited the Emperor Trajan to restore the honour of Rome on the eastern frontiers of the empire.
Shameful memories of past humiliations from broken treaties and the dishonourable losses of Roman legions compel the emperor to subdue the frontier territories and to impose Roman hegemony.
Senior Tribune Cletus, steadily elevated by battlefield actions of bravery and courage through the Legion Gemina ranks, finds his allegiances tested as he climbs the ladder of power during the arc of the expansionary campaign.

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State of Emergency  (Jack Emery Conspiracy Thrillers Book 2)
by Steve P. Vincent
4.3 Stars (890 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Political

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Continue this action packed political conspiracy thriller series by USA Today Bestselling author Steve P. Vincent…

What is the true cost of security?

Amid a wave of unprecedented terrorist attacks on American soil, a panicked president declares a state of emergency and hands over control to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

As FEMA oversteps the mark and totalitarianism descends across the country, investigative journalist Jack Emery knows he has to act.

Facing weekly terrorist attacks and FEMA atrocities, Jack struggles to stop the madness. But this time, he’s on the wrong side of the law and fighting the government he’s trying to save.

All thriller, no filler!

If you like Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series, Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp series, or books by Daniel Silva or Joel C. Rosenberg, then you’ll love the addictive Jack Emery political conspiracy thriller series.

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A Working Stiffs Mystery Boxed Set Vol 1 (Books 1-3)
by Wendy Delaney
4.5 Stars (242 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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The first three books in the award-winning Working Stiffs cozy mystery series!

Meet Charmaine Digby, human lie detector.
Char’s psyched to put her ability to the test as the County Coroner’s new investigative assistant. But she sure never expected she’d need it to solve a murder! Of course that was before she got her first assignment. Interview the hunky doctor reporting the suspicious death of Trudy, a family friend and one of several elderly patients at the hospital whose heart mysteriously stopped. Coincidence? More likely, there’s a murderer on the loose! In hot pursuit of the truth,
Char’s on the case, much to the irritation of her cop buddy, who doesn’t want her to stick her nose in his investigation. But she had better keep her eyes open or the next body on the way to the morgue could be hers!

Everybody’s got a secret. A secret crush. A secret liaison. A secret recipe. And for a deadly few… a secret murder.
Port Merritt’s favorite bad boy, Russell Falco, was a seasoned veteran of secret liaisons. But after his body washes up on the shore of Merritt Bay, Deputy Coroner and human lie detector, Charmaine Digby, suspects one of those liaisons got Russell killed.
Secrets. Lies. Cookie-baking rivals. And a dead guy!
Char’s on the case and is determined to find the killer… if the killer doesn’t find her first!

It was Marty McCutcheon’s bad luck to die on his birthday. Then again, since Marty is the third husband his young widow will be burying, maybe luck had nothing to do with it. As Deputy Coroner Charmaine Digby discovers when she questions Marty’s widow about his sudden death, she had ample opportunity to kill him. Victoria McCutcheon even admits as much, right before she asks Char to solve her husband’s murder. What? A suspected black widow who wants her husband’s murderer brought to justice? Victoria McCutcheon is either the most skillful liar Char has ever encountered or someone else has spun a web of lies to cover their murderous tracks. But who, and why?
With no hard evidence to go on, it’s up to Char and her ability as a human lie detector to break this case wide open. Assuming that someone doesn’t crack her skull open first!

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A False Start: A Small Town Brother’s Best Friend Romance (Gold Rush Ranch Book 4)
by Elsie Silver
4.4 Stars (8,608 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Small Town & Rural

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I kissed my best friend’s little sister, and the world stood still.

That night we were two perfect strangers, the town’s grumpy recluse and a gorgeous girl in the back of a bar. Until we weren’t.

Because Nadia Dalca isn’t just some girl. She’s the girl I can’t have. Fourteen years younger than me and completely off-limits.

My plan is to stay away, but the universe keeps pushing us together. It’s like some sort of cosmic joke, to give me a taste of something so electric — so real — something that breathed life back into me.

Because I can look, but I can’t touch.

Her sinful curves, her light-hearted laughter, her wild side… I’m addicted to every last bit of her.

And when she turns those sultry eyes on me–the ones so full of longing and so free of judgement? I’ve always considered myself a strong man. But when she looks at me I’m weak.

To give in to our connection would be a betrayal. My life is beyond complicated, and she has the world at her fingertips. Her brother is the only family she has left, and sad as it sounds, he’s also my only friend.

But I kissed her again anyway.

And now I can’t stop.

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