Have you ever opened up a drawer, and found something that you hid and forgot about? So.. I have a question. Completely unrelated, but does Christmas chocolate expire? Asking for a friend.

WHAT LIES BENEATH (Detective Mike Nash Murder Mystery Book 1)
4.4 Stars (6,797 Reviews)
Genre: Crime Fiction

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Detective Mike Nash thought that moving back to Yorkshire from London would give him a quieter life. Little did he know…


Two skeletons are discovered in Lamentation Tarn, a mountain lake.

Talented detective Mike Nash and his team have little evidence with which to work, until a surprising discovery prompts them to contact law enforcement agencies in Eastern Europe.

A joint task force is formed to uncover a criminal network involved in prostitution, drugs, and human trafficking, but Nash’s preoccupation with internal politics, as well as with an attractive Russian detective, proves to be a distraction.

Finally, a young victim escapes the gang’s clutches, providing Nash with much needed evidence. A search of the neighboring tarn yields evidence of even more heinous crimes.

Who else will die before the criminals are brought to bitter justice?

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The Rancher Takes A Bride (The Burnett Brides Book 1)
by Sylvia McDaniel
4.2 Stars (3,533 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Literature & Fiction

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Three Reluctant Sons and One Determined Matchmaking Mother

An endearingly desperate mom who’ll stop at nothing until she gets grandchildren.

A kind-hearted con artist.

A gruff, stubborn man who needs love.

Rose runs a seance parlor to help people deal with the death of their loved ones… even though she doesn’t have a psychic bone in her body. She knows that one day her deception might catch up with her, but she’s certainly not expecting jail time… or a hot-headed, obstinate cowboy and his desperate, match-making mom.

This meddling mama will do everything in her power to keep Rose from leaving town. Including stooping to a con and deception of her own.

When sparks fly, can an interfering mother bring together a strong-willed con artist and a hard-hearted rancher, or will their stubbornness ruin everything?

If you like meddling mamas, laugh-out-loud antics, and impossibly head-strong characters, dive into this western series that’s guaranteed to keep you giggling all night long.

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Radio Daze
by Aaron Zevy
4.7 Stars (56 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Entertainment | Crafts, Hobbies & Home | Foreign Languages

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When acclaimed comic writer Aaron Zevy began to collect vintage radios, his friends and family hoped they might get a respite from the barrage of short stories which had been filling their inboxes.

After all, how much trouble can one man, no matter how unusual and prone to social and dating mishaps he might be, get into while engaged in a sedate hobby ordinarily associated with reticence and retirement?

In Radio Daze, Zevy, often joined with his usual associates – the Ketel and cran drinking Lewberg and the misanthropic Goldfarb – weaves tales and vignettes of his time obsessively collecting antique radios.

From oldest to newest, each chapter is named after a radio. But after the Table of Contents, all semblence of order and organization, quickly disappear.

These radios, in a multitude of beautiful designs and colors, are indeed very real. The stories however, are pure Zevy – almost the truth.

Don’t try to figure it out. Just sit back and enjoy.

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Vick’s Vultures
by Scott Warren
4.4 Stars (1,036 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

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In the far future, alien technology captured by the Union Earth Privateers has fueled Earth’s tenuous expansion from a single planet to a handful of systems across the Orion Spur.

Victoria Marin, captain of the U.E. Condor, and her crew of Vultures have been running dry for months. In danger of losing her command and her credibility if she can’t locate fresh salvage, she locks onto the distress signal of an alien ship in hopes of valuable cargo. What she finds instead is First Prince Tavram, the heir apparent to one of the largest empires in known space. Tavram’s ship has been crippled after narrowly escaping an ambush and his would-be assassin is coming to finish the job.

The Vultures launch a high risk mission to rescue the prince and recover every last scrap of xenotech they can before the hunter catches up to his prey. But there are more dangers than notorious interstellar assassins when it comes to ferrying an alien prince across the stars, and Victoria must contend with dangerous alliances, old grudges, and even her own government if she means to bring her crew home alive. Whether she succeeds or fails, the consequences of her choices will affect the path of all humanity.

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Organic All-Natural Skin Products to Make at Home
by Josephine Simon
4.4 Stars (88 Reviews)
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting

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Make your skin glow with homemade, 100% vegan, organic skincare products! It’s easy, fun to make, and will give your wallet a break!

Do you want glowing, healthy skin? Who doesn’t? One’s skin should be treated well as it is our contact with the outside world, both in terms of health and socializing. Plant-based skincare products are known for being able to let you have success in both, making you feel much better about yourself. And this book will show you how you can get there by yourself at much lower costs!

In the case of aging or mature skin, you probably already know that a vegan diet is high in antioxidants and fatty acids that help prevent the early signs of aging all over your body, especially your face. If plants have so many great compounds, shouldn’t you be able to use them in skincare? The answer is yes!

To have healthy, glowing, acne-free skin, you need to work with your skin, not torture it with harsh chemicals. Fresh, all-natural skincare products, made for you and by you, work with your body’s natural chemistry while taking full advantage of the power of plants!

Saving money while doing your own all-natural vegan skincare products: a winning combination!

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