This is a novel about two sisters born into an abusive and neglectful poor trash family, and their love for each other. They live in the 9th ward of New Orleans, and Hurricane Katrina is on the horizon. The tension builds as you realize what they are going to have to contend with it. This was a beautiful, sad story, with very believable characters.

The Weight of Water
by W. A. Schwartz
4.4 Stars (271 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Thriller | Psychological | Fiction

Rachel and Talia Fontenot are sisters born into brutal, rural poverty of southeastern Louisiana in the 1960s.

Raised with one another until tragic circumstances intervene and they are separated. Talia disappearing into a life of drugs and petty crime, Rachel fleeing to New Orleans. It is now present day and Talia has been missing for many years. Rachel in New Orleans is living what appears to be the perfect life, but underneath she is struggling with constant anxiety, prescription drug abuse and tremendous grief over the loss of her missing sister, as well as her oldest son to an accident several years earlier.

One night, she receives a call from a nurse she’s not heard from since Hurricane Katrina. The information she is given sets in motion a series of events that will unravel Rachel’s life, forcing her to examine her past choices and taking her on a psychologically arduous journey to save her sister.

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