Get ready for one of the most spine-tingling adventures in 2045! Lives are at stake if you take a wrong path. This is a novel that you must read and save in your booklist. Lots of mystery and enigma awaiting you in the world of folklore that came to alive in the future. Frederick Martinus keeps readers of all ages, particularly teens and young adults, enamored with contemporary fantasy and survival theme in Emerald of the Equator. His novel presents a great combination of vivid descriptions, scholastic insights, and lessons of life that you will never forget. The plot and storytelling will leave a significant mark and dawn on you for the rest of your life. Excited and want to know more? Grab your copy now!

The Cursed Odyssey
by Frederick Martinus
4.5 Stars (12 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Literature & Fiction

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Five families win golden passes to strikingly exotic islands full of folklore’s secrets. But the journey strikes terror into their hearts when one after another dies mysteriously. As the survivors are trying to adapt to local wisdoms, it makes them realize the importance of survival.


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