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Dangerous Waters (Donald Cameron Naval Thriller Book 2)
by Philip McCutchan
4.1 Stars (1,322 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Historical Fiction

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1941. The Mediterranean.

The Wharfedale, a British destroyer, is deployed against a huge German offensive. Aboard is Donald Cameron — a young seaman whose early of display of bravery has seen him quickly promoted to sub-lieutenant. But he is also the youngest crew member on board, and the most expendable.

On her way to support the nightmare evacuation of Crete, the Wharfedale receives secret orders from London to pick up two men who have information capable of altering the course of the war. Outside of the German high command only one highly placed official knows the vital military details of the imminent Nazi attack on Russia — and the Germans, now overrunning Crete, have retaken him from Greek communist partisans who had kidnapped him for the Allied cause.

Cameron is sent on a daring rescue mission to assault a German stronghold. They must escape before the Nazi advance on Crete, requisition a boat during the frenzied evacuation of the island, and finally rendezvous with the Wharfedale. But they face Italian warships as they attempt the impossible task of escaping through the Dardanelles. All in the space of a few hours.

Dangerous Waters is a gripping naval thriller, packed with military action.

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Escape to Happy Ever After: An uplifting feel-good romance
by S J Crabb
4.5 Stars (1,068 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction

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Escape to Happy Ever After where all your happy endings are guaranteed.

When Susie Mahoney was gifted a break to Happy Ever After she couldn’t pack her bags quickly enough, she had to do something to break the run of bad luck she was experiencing.
She was fast approaching the age where all her friends had settled down and found their ‘one’ and she was running out of options.
Happy Ever After, as it turns out, is a sweet little bed & breakfast on the Dorset coast and as soon as she sets eyes on the little cottage nestling in a valley before a sparkling sea, she falls in love.
Surely this is the perfect place to set her life back on track and consider her options. Long walks in the fresh air to concentrate her mind. Hearty meals to raise her energy levels and cosy evenings in the local pub beside a flickering fire curled up with a good book.
However, what she didn’t realise was the invitation was for two and her ‘plus one’ was already unpacked and making himself at home.
There is also a Fossil club convention in town meaning every room on the Jurassic coast is occupied and she has to spend the next week with a stranger.

Freddie Carlton receives an invitation to escape to Happy Ever After and was particularly interested in the ‘happy ending’ it promised.
Having had a disastrous run of bad luck with women he was prepared to try anything.
He wasn’t prepared to discover that his ‘one’ had already been chosen for him and was seriously annoying.
A woman who arrived with more baggage than an Airbus and was in no mood to share.

Will Happy Ever After work its magic and give them both the happy ending they deserve or will fate continue to throw obstacles in their path and turn their bad start into a very complicated ending?

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TOPGUN: Requiem (Brutal Response Book 1)
by Michael Anderle
4.6 Stars (848 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

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It’s hard to live up to your father’s legacy when he’s a force of nature.

Mia Verick grew up on a remote homestead far from anything people would dare call civilization. Her upbringing was… unusual.

Most young women raised in the Kerrick Confederacy of Aligned Planets go to school. Mia had daily firearms practice, tactical exercises, and pilot training.

She never cared about her strange life, only about living up to the expectations of her father. His mysterious job often takes him away on secret missions, leaving her to self-training until the day she can surpass him.

Now she will never get the chance.

When a messenger from the city arrives at the homestead, Mia’s not ready for the harsh truth.

Her father has died under classified circumstances. No one will tell her the truth, leaving her with only one option.

Can she ferret out the truth about her father’s death by herself?

Being raised as the perfect soldier doesn’t mean surviving the urban jungle will be easy.

Her audacious plan takes her far from home to the world’s largest city. Betrayals push her to an even more surprising place.

The most elite fighter training school in the KCAP is the only place she can earn the influence she needs to learn the truth about her father. Before that, she’ll need to survive a true nest of vipers: a private military academy.

Can a girl taught to shoot first and ask questions later learn to operate in a dangerous environment where everyone is friend and foe?

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A Ghoulish Midlife: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel (Witching After Forty Book 1)
by L.A. Boruff, Lia Davis, Life After Magic
4.5 Stars (4,725 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction

FREE for a limited time

Widow and empty nester, Ava Harper, never dreamed of turning forty without the love of her life. Nor did she know she would bury her favorite aunt, who raised her after the death of her mother, a few years later. Then again, she doesn’t have the power of foresight. No, her powers are much darker. Powers she has kept behind lock and key.

With her only son off to college and her life savings depleted, Ava returns home to Shipton Harbor, Maine. She’s only there to clean out, fix up, and sell the family home. But like everything in her life in the last five years, things change. Plans get canceled.

Arriving in Shipton Harbor is like stepping into another world. Her high school rival is married to her best friend and is set on making up for every devious thing she did when they were teens. The magic in the house reawakens, making it impossible to sell. It doesn’t want new owners, apparently. And to top it all, the sheriff looks like he belongs on the cover of a romance novel.

When an old friend of the family turns up dead, Ava must delve deep into the powers she’s repressed all her adult life to find the killer. Only a necromancer could’ve killed her friend.

Now she must open up to her own wells of dark magic to find the murderer while working with the hottie sheriff she’s sure has his own secrets.

The Witching After Forty series is part of the Life After Magic World.

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Operation Arrowhead (COMMANDO Book 1)
by Jack Badelaire
4.1 Stars (431 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction

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Corporal Thomas Lynch won fame at the Battle of Arras, and felt the shame of defeat at Dunkirk. A year later, as a member of Britain’s elite No. 3 Commando, Lynch wants nothing more than to go back over the Channel and kick open Hitler’s Fortress Europe, guns blazing.

Introduced by his commanding officer to the enigmatic Lord Pembroke, Lynch is offered a chance to be part of a special team of hand-picked Commandos. Their assignment: sneak into occupied France and ally with the French partisans to fight back against the Nazis.

Lynch readily accepts the challenge, but when the mission goes awry from the very beginning, and the motives of the partisan leader become suspect, the Commandos begin to wonder about their role in the mission: trusted allies with the partisans, or worms dangling as bait for a hungry fish?

COMMANDO: Operation Arrowhead is a military action – adventure novel written in the spirit of classic war movies and wartime pulp adventure fiction.

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