I could hear the sanitation truck one street over collecting the trash. YIKES! My baby bassets didn’t take the trash out last night. I freak out and run (Fast walk, we know who I am. Is there a bear chasing me? No.. yaa fast walk) outside to get the last of the trash in the can. It’s still dark outside, and only a bit cool. Not cold at all. I love it! I absolutely love it when the weather changes from bitter freezing cold mornings to cool and refreshing. The birds were chirping out of control. Would have been a perfect scene if it weren’t for the stinky trash.

The One You Fear (Emma Holden Suspense Mystery Trilogy, Book 2)
by Paul Pilkington
4.1 Stars (5,131 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Mystery | Foreign Languages

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It’s not over…

The thrilling sequel to the multi-million-downloaded, chart-topping The One You Love. Perfect for fans of LJ Ross, Lisa Jewell and TM Logan, who like their novels to be fast-paced and packed with drama and mystery with an emotional heart.

Actress Emma Holden and her group of young friends are trying to move on from the horrific events surrounding her fiancé Dan’s disappearance. But a shocking revelation drags them back into the nightmare and forces them to question everything they once believed to be true.

More secrets will be revealed.

More lies will be told.

And more lives are under threat.

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Lethal (Aura Academy Book 1)
by SA Dalton
4.1 Stars (42 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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“Whenever I’m with him, I’m at the mercy of every touch. Every kiss. Every bite.”

What seems like the hangover from hell turns out to be even worse. On my eighteenth birthday, I find out I’m an aura, and I have to be around my kind, or my organs will explode.

Oh, and I have magical powers. I’m a necromancer.

But wait, it gets worse. I arrive at a creepy castle on a remote Scottish island to start my first term at Aura Academy, and my blood resurrects a long-dead vampire.

The last vampires were killed by my ancestor over one hundred years ago. They shouldn’t exist. Which means I need to keep this whopping great secret or face the consequences.

And now students are going missing, leaving suspicious pools of blood behind. Whispers of a vampire resurgence begin to circulate through the halls of the academy.

But it can’t be my vampire. Right?

Because the absolute worst part of all this is that I might be kind of in love with him.

Lethal, book one in the Aura Academy series, weaves a gripping tale of love, danger, and dark secrets on a remote Scottish island. Walk the ancient corridors of Dracul Castle and prepare to receive a deadly kiss…

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Dead Before Dinner (A Maddie Swallows Mystery Book 1)
by Kat Bellemore
4.2 Stars (2,246 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Green chile has never been more dangerous.

Psychologist Maddie Swallows’ decision to return to New Mexico seemed like a good idea at the time, considering the divorce and her two teenagers she’d dragged along for the ride.

But that was before the New Year’s Eve party she was guilt-tripped into attending. Before a member of the town council wound up dead and everyone at the party became a suspect. And before she was forced to unravel the secrets of her former hometown in order to clear her name.

Of course, with the help of two precocious teenagers and one meddling mother, the real murderer doesn’t stand a chance.

Dead before Dinner is the first book of the Maddie Swallows series. If you love small towns, quirky characters, and an intriguing whodunit, you’ll love this cozy mystery.

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Breaking Dad (Single Dads Gone Wild)
by Kathryn M. Hearst
4.4 Stars (266 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Contemporary Fiction

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They don’t know they’ve spent the past five years falling in love…

Widowed, single father, Hudson seems to have the Midas touch. He runs a successful movie studio, his daughter is on the fast track to an Ivy League college, and he has the best friends a guy can ask for.

The truth is, he’s holding it together with duct tape, determination, and help from a single mom in an online support group.
She doesn’t know his real name, but they have a bond forged in worrying about first crushes, bullying, and college entrance exams. She’s been his rock, his confidant, the voice of reason in the craziness of raising a teen daughter.

They’ve never met, but he knows her better than he knows himself…

So she can’t be the same woman as the rainbow-wearing, redhead, hired to run his new employee wellness program. And there’s no way she’s the crazy mom demanding to join his single dads’ crew. And she certainly can’t be the woman his teen daughter set him up with…

Can she?

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Blood and Mystery in the Saloon: A Historical Western Adventure Book
by Austin Grayson
4.1 Stars (304 Reviews)
Genre: History | Classics | Romance

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Lillian Gale has taken ownership of the famous Big River saloon in the Utah Territory, since her husband’s passing. When a powerful rancher’s son is found dead behind her saloon, all fingers point at her. There is no doubt that someone wants Lillian behind bars. Luckily for her, Boone Travers, the sheriff of the town, will do whatever it takes to rescue his good friend and the woman he is falling in love with. Will Lillian manage to escape from a dangerous trap, or will she be sentenced for a crime that she never committed?

With the real killer out there, no one in town can sleep peacefully. Boone is determined to shed light on the mystery and find out who committed this bloody crime. For now, he has no choice but to arrest Lillian, as she will be safer in prison. Boone knows deep inside that he will solve the case and that Lillian’s terrible nightmare will end for good. Will he eventually find out who set Lillian up and serve justice, or will he fail to complete his most challenging missions?

The trial tears the town apart and sparks a range war between local ranchers and the neighboring Navajo people. Blood feuds become complicated, and lives are pitted against one another in an epic clash of power and passion, love and loyalty. In the end, will Boone arrest the vicious killer and help Lillian celebrate the clearing of her name?

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