She’s 60 years old and destined to save the world … just as soon as she finds her reading glasses. A fun, fast-paced series starring a cranky gargoyle, an overprotective wolf-shifter, and the menopausal grandmother who inherits them both … along with a magickal destiny she never saw coming.

Becoming Crone (The Crone Wars Book 1)
by Lydia M. Hawke
4.5 Stars (1,525 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Women’s Fiction

She wanted purpose. She got dark magic and war.

Claire Emerson is adrift. After a lifetime as a wife, mother, and grandma, she never saw divorce or loneliness coming and is desperate for some sense of purpose. But when her sixtieth birthday brings a snarky gargoyle, an annoyingly sexy wolf shifter, and an unknown magical calling, she thinks she’s losing the only thing she has left: her sanity.

Refusing to believe she’s the powerful defender of humankind her so-called protectors claim, Claire attempts a return to her safe life… only to have her powers ignite when she’s attacked by dark supernatural creatures. And without the training she was supposed to have received, she has no idea how she’ll defeat sinister mages plotting her demise.

Can Claire overcome creaky joints and major hot flashes in time to save the world – and her own life?

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A Gathering of Crones (The Crone Wars Book 2)
by Lydia M. Hawke
4.6 Stars (727 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction

She’s running out of time. And so is the world.

After learning on her sixtieth birthday that she’s one of five Crones destined to save the world, Claire Emerson has been desperately trying to acquire the lifetime of magic she missed out on. But the mages who are out to destroy everything she loves aren’t waiting, and when one of the other Crones ends up on Claire’s doorstep — wounded and unconscious — Claire knows she’s out of time.

Leaving the safety of her warded house, she goes in search of the remaining Crones… only to find them under siege by the mages and their nearly indestructible monster. And without control over her powerful elemental magic, she has no idea how to rescue them.

Can Claire harness her powers in time to help her fellow Crones defeat the mages — or will her efforts bring even greater disaster?

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Game of Crones (The Crone Wars Book 3)
by Lydia M. Hawke
4.6 Stars (625 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy

Once, there was power in her magick. Now, she must find magick in her power.

Claire Emerson has lost her magick — and with it, her place among the Crones. It should spell the end of her involvement in their centuries-old war against the dark god, Morok, but it can’t. Because Claire knows something the others don’t — Morok has become an imposter in the Crones’ midst, and their destruction is imminent.

To stop the dark god’s nefarious plan, Claire will have to find her missing powers. But neither she nor her allies have a clue where to start — and that’s the easy part. The hard part? Getting past Morok’s monsters in time to rescue the Crones. Especially when she comes face to face with Morok himself.

Will Claire’s powers be enough to defeat a god and save her companions — and the world?

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Crone Unleashed (The Crone Wars Book 4)
by Lydia M. Hawke
4.7 Stars (359 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction

This book is the fourth in the Crone Wars series and the following description contains spoilers! You’ve been warned. 😉

She thought she’d won — but the war has only just started.

When Claire Emerson imprisoned Morok in the Camlann fragment of the world, it should have been the end of the dark god — and of the war between him and the Crones. But when Lucan, her protector, is accidentally trapped along with the god, Claire is determined to rescue him.

She’ll have to travel through the treacherous god realm — alone — to get to him. And that’s just the first hurdle. The bigger problem? The magick of an ancient Crone is hidden in the fragment, and if Morok discovers it, he’ll have enough power to break free and carry out his plan to destroy Claire’s entire world and all that she loves.

Can Claire save Lucan and find the Crone magic before Morok does? Or will she have to choose between the shifter she’s come to love and the power she never asked for in the first place?

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Rise of the Crones (The Crone Wars Book 5)
by Lydia M. Hawke
Genre: Women’s Fiction

With great powers come great repercussions

In the aftermath of her victory over the dark god Morok, Claire Emerson is ready for some well-earned peace and quiet, and for some healing time with her protector, Lucan. But tranquility evaporates when an ancient god arrives on her doorstep demanding sanctuary–and blaming Claire.

Claire’s final battle with Morok tore apart the very fabric that separated the worlds, and now the Between is devouring the Otherworld, leaving the gods no choice but to flee to Earth. The chaos that follows them turns Claire’s entire world upside down. Again.

Repairing the damage she caused while keeping a bunch of unruly deities in line won’t be easy, but she’s up to the challenge–until she learns that one of the deities is Morok, whose defeat wasn’t as complete as she believed. Now, with her magick spread increasingly thin, Claire has no choice but to again fight a war she thought she’d already won. And this time, Morok isn’t alone–but neither is she.

As alliances form and new enemies emerge, will Claire’s struggle to restore balance be enough to save the world? Or will it plunge them all into utter annihilation?

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