A heartwarming story of Poseidon, a thoroughbred show jumper and Axel, an artist painter and a horse whisperer. “Rise to the Horizon” is not merely a story about a man saving a horse; it is a celebration of the resilience of the human spirit and the extraordinary healing power of love. It hit the Top #1 on Amazon Best Sellers several times since February! Grab your copy NOW!

Rise to the Horizon
by Hyunah KIM
4.5 Stars (188 Reviews)
Genre: Crafts, Hobbies & Home

Poseidon, a show jumping horse is injured in a fire, becomes aggressive due to trauma. A horse whisperer named Axel, with a special ability to communicate with horses, is asked to help by Poseidon’s owner, Martha. Despite the vet’s recommendation to euthanize the horse, Axel takes on the challenge to heal Poseidon. Can Axel save Poseidon?


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Dammi Mille Baci: Vienna Calling Book 1
by Hyunah KIM
4.7 Stars (191 Reviews)
Genre: Arts & Photography

Dammi Mille Baci (Give Me a Thousand Kisses) is a Captivating Romance set in beautiful Vienna in 1992, slow-burning, full of witty banter, scorching chemistry, tantalising and fabulous romantic scenes and mystery. It delves into the world of art, passion, and trauma, all the while celebrating the beauty of art and the power of creativity.


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