Tali Nohkati, the sole survivor of a devastating fire, embarks on a journey guided by divine forces. Adopted by a tribe after numerous animal encounters, Tali rescues Nuttah and seeks refuge at sea as chaos looms. However, their peaceful existence is shattered by the unleashed fury of Huracan.

Tali Nohkati, The Great Crossing
by Koza Belleli
4.2 Stars (34 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction

2020 PenCraft Award Winner – Adventure Fiction

Creators of the World, Coyote and the Moon pay special attention to the only survivor of a blazing fire, Tali Nohkati, as the child takes his first steps. At the end of a long journey rich in animal encounters that takes him from the White Land to the Land of the Red Earth, Tali is finally adopted by a tribe.

After saving Nuttah from the sacrifice of the Morning Star, Tali seeks refuge in the mangrove close to Hitchiti the Alligator and Raven the Raven where Cagama the Turtle advises them to go to sea. In the heavenly light of the island of Cagama, they taste the true happiness of starting a family and of living in harmony with a tribe. However, all hell breaks loose as Huracan is unleashed, its violent winds destroying their piece of paradise and taking everything in their path, men and destinies alike…

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