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REST IN PEACE (Eva Rae Thomas FBI Mystery Book 15)
by Willow Rose
4.8 Stars (38 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction

Sarah Chapman, drunk and angry, is found dead in her bed with her husband Steven.
Arrested, she claims innocence, but FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas believes her.
The police is determined to convict Sarah, and Eva Rae Thomas races against time to prove her innocence and catch the real murderer before it’s too late.


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A GOOD DAY TO DIE: What 276 executions taught a death row chaplain about life
by Carina Bergfeldt
Genre: Religion & Spirituality | Biographies & Memoirs | Foreign Languages

He has witnessed 276 executions. She is just waiting for one man to die.
An American death row chaplain and an award-winning Swedish journalist meet by chance in rural Texas. He talks about reconciliation, even for the worst among us. She doesn’t want to forgive.
They start a conversation that ends up changing both their lives.
”An awakening!” BLT


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The Lies We Live By (The Forever and Always series Book 1)
by Nora Bloom
3.9 Stars (32 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

Oliver and Lisa run a café and woodshop, cherishing their daughter, Julia. However, Ava, Oliver’s lost first love, reappears with a son, claiming Oliver’s paternity. Torn between his past with Ava and his present life, Oliver faces a dilemma – to abandon his life with Lisa and Julia for an unknown son or to question his resurfaced emotions for Ava.


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