Good morning! There are certainly no complaints today. It’s hard to say anything negative when you wake up to a view like this one. Yesterday I spent a good portion of the afternoon sitting in a kayak with a cute little four year old on the back. We floated from group to group chiming in on their conversations, then after a few minutes moving on to the next group. Neither one of us has the attention span to spend more than just a few seconds in one spot. It was absolutely lovely.

Decoded (The Ex-Files – Unsolved Mysteries Investigations Book 1)
by Amalia Rose
5.0 Stars (3 Reviews)
Genre: World Literature

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Decoded is a mind-bending thriller that challenges everything we thought we knew about history, power, and the untold stories of remarkable women. When investigative journalist Amalia Rose stumbles upon a blog post claiming that the enigmatic Voynich Manuscript holds the key to a lost matriarchal civilization, she embarks on a thrilling journey to unravel the cryptic clues and decipher the manuscript’s true meaning.

Partnering with her brilliant but frustrating ex-boyfriend, Bastian Ham, Amalia races from the dusty archives of ancient libraries to cutting-edge ocean research facilities. They follow a trail of breadcrumbs left by historical figures like cryptologist Elizebeth Friedman and author Ethel Voynich, uncovering tantalizing clues about a lost civilization, an ancient wisdom tradition, and a powerful psychedelic elixir.

As they delve deeper, Amalia and Bastian stumble into shocking revelations about the Eleusinian Mysteries, the Antikythera Mechanism, and the suppressed history of powerful women. Aided by the Order of the Nine Realms, a secret society of librarians, they must outwit shady government agents, fanatical cults, and Neo-Nazi conspirators at every turn.

Alternating between Amalia’s present-day narrative and glimpses into the ancient past, Decoded explores gender power dynamics, the intersection of science and spirituality, and the enduring search for truth. Real-life luminaries brush shoulders with memorable original characters in a genre-defying narrative that weaves together archaeology, artificial intelligence, and mysticism.

Decoded is a thought-provoking love letter to the unsung heroines of history, raising questions about truth, storytelling, and the importance of preserving marginalized voices. From the streets of New York to the rolling hills of Tuscany and the sun-drenched Greek isles, time is running out — will Amalia and Bastian decipher the code before an ancient wisdom is erased from history forever?

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Her Dark Love (Dark Spell Series Book 1)
by Isra Sravenheart, Jody Freeman, Cauldron Press
3.7 Stars (164 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult

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Those drawn to the dark side don’t always start out that way. There is always a trigger that sends them into that vile world. It turns out that Lady Isra of the Dark didn’t always reside in the shadows. She too, had a light side as you will soon discover.

Isra has come a long way to the prestigious Wingdom’s Academy to learn the art of magic. The classes are dull but Isra quickly finds a companion in Everilda. They click instantly striking up a rapport.

Isra finds Everilda to be rebellious towards the craft whereas Everilda finds Isra too innocent especially when it comes to romance. Imagine Everilda’s shock when she discovers her part-time plaything Jonathan has taken a liking to Isra. Isra is naïve and inexperienced in love but she sees Jonathan as quite charming and instantly takes a shine to him.

“Everilda went out so I was alone, I ran into this handsome stranger named Jonathan. He’s kind and gentle. I’ve never known love before, never mind a love so enchanting as this.”

Little does Isra know that she, Everilda and Jonathan are in an intense love triangle but she is sure to find out as Everilda grows tired of Jonathan’s insolence

“Now on a cold, dark night. I witness none other than Jonathan and Everilda together. Oh, how could she do this to me? They’ve been carrying on behind my back all this time! How can I ever trust either one of them again?”

Amidst all of this, the light bringer Samuel has learned of Isra’s tragic plight and sends in his loyal servant Astrid the raven to keep an eye on Isra since Samuel believes Isra’s heartbreak is just the ticket to send her tumbling into obscurity. Samuel also brings in in another light being, James, to attempt to keep Isra on the light path. Astrid takes an instant dislike to James. However, James and Astrid’s conflict quickly turns into a rivalry.

But with Astrid watching Isra can the light get to her in time to stop her from becoming the ultimate dark foe that everyone has proclaimed her to be?

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The Secrets of Success: Amazing Achievement from Small and Simple Things
by H. Bradley Stucki
4.2 Stars (14 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality

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Joshua left the only security he’d ever known… to traverse the desert and persuade the Merchant Prince Jairus to teach him his Secrets of Success.

What Joshua learns is a shock.

What he gains is beyond his wildest dreams.

Like “The Alchemist” and “The Greatest Salesman in the World,” the Secrets of Success are taught in a compelling story that enriches the mind and warms the heart.

Learn small and simple things which cause great results to appear in your life.

It’s a Christian Self-Help Romance, though the principles are universal.

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Cuban Cuisine: Delicious Cuban Food Prepared Simply
by BookSumo Press
4.1 Stars (9 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Cuban Cooking Companion

Come take a journey with us into the delights of easy cooking. The point of this cookbook and all our cookbooks is to exemplify the effortless nature of cooking simply.

In this book we focus on Cuban food. Cuban Cuisine is a complete set of simple but very unique Cuban recipes. You will find that even though the recipes are simple, the tastes are quite amazing.

So will you join us in an adventure of simple cooking?

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Secrets of the Cottage by the Sea (The Island Cottage)
by Rebecca Alexander
4.4 Stars (3,904 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Literary Fiction | Women’s Fiction

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As Ellie stood on the boat, watching the small island come into view, she wondered what awaited her on shore. What secrets would she uncover in this place?

When Ellie Roberts inherits a cottage on a remote Scilly Isle, she’s shocked. She’s never heard of the previous owner, Patience Ellis, so why did she leave Ellie her legacy?

Overwhelmed with unanswered questions, Ellie travels to the isolated island. Windswept from the boat, salt spray still on her skin, she searches for Patience’s whitewashed cottage, hidden behind overgrown ivy. But when she steps inside, the house feels strangely familiar, and she has a memory of laughing as a child with her beloved mother in the window seat overlooking the sea… The mother she lost when she was only a child.

Determined to find out more, Ellie meets enigmatic local Branok Shore. While at first he seems uninterested, he believes he can help. Charmed by his green eyes, and curious about his past on the island, he and Ellie grow closer, but Ellie knows she needs to understand her own story before she can embrace the future. And when Branok prises open Patience’s dresser, filled with letters from the Second World War, Ellie discovers the shocking secret Patience was forced to hide – and the truth that will change her own life forever.

The letters tell the story of a brutal storm on a dark night in the depths of war, and of an injured soldier who begged Patience for help, and asked her to make an impossible choice…

But the letters don’t hold the answers Ellie so desperately needs. Why did Patience leave her home to her? And how can Ellie have memories of the cottage, when she’s never been there before? When Ellie finally uncovers the truth, will she be strong enough to put the fragments of her life back together?

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Warriors of the Forgotten Way: The Samurai Cowboys – Book One
by Nate Wagner
4.5 Stars (98 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult

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In Nate Wagner’s award-winning debut novel, this Outlaw Josey Wales meets The Last Samurai meets John Wick tale and action-packed western immerses readers in a boldly original setting as three orphans of the Civil War are trained by a samurai warrior in the ruthless and deadly American West–and then forced to choose between honor, loyalty, and redemption when one of them wants out.

The Sword and the Gun
In 1865, the American Civil War comes to an end, and the United States enters the Reconstruction era of postwar rebuilding and industrial development.

In 1868, Japan establishes a more modern, centralized government, and the feudal era, during which dozens of independent states had been at war with one another for hundreds of years, also comes to an end. The samurai class, without masters to serve or battles to fight, is abolished a few years later.

The transcontinental railroad is completed in 1869, connecting the United States from coast to coast. This starts a race between companies to extend miles of track across open land and introduces immigrants and their culture from Asia and the Pacific.

The big expansion of the American West welcomed everyone bold enough to make the journey and strong enough to survive. Many moved to the vast wide-open territory to chase fortunes in gold and silver, while others sought to own land for ranching, farming, and other natural resources. And others just wanted a new life.

It was a time of opportunity and lawlessness, with stories of famous cowboys and gunfighters. But some of those stories have remained untold… until now.

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