I want to put cameras around the outside of the house. Hubby will think I am doing it for security reasons. I might lie and say it is. In actuality I just want to keep an eye on the garden. I know. I know. I might have a slight obsession with my plants. Can you imagine if when plants die they go to Heaven. There they would be having the best time feeling  safe and secure together in a large filed. Then a bunch of souls would get there and start running through them stomping on them just like they did when they were alive. HAHA.. oh man that would be the worst.

The Wish
by Lena Gibson
4.2 Stars (219 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Women’s Fiction | Foreign Languages

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Maxy Award Winner – Romance & Women’s Fiction

Three men. Two timelines. One wish.

Haunted by her choices, including marrying an abusive con man, thirty-five-year-old Elizabeth has been unable to speak for two years. She is further devastated when she learns an old boyfriend has died. Nothing in her life is right.

That night, Elizabeth wishes for a mulligan. When she wakes, to her surprise, it is no longer 2022, but 2017. Though thrilled to have a chance to fix mistakes, the past is not perfect. She has a stalker and is still voiceless. Just like before, her boyfriend slips into a mysterious coma, so she enlists his brother Christopher’s aid to determine the cause. In their investigation, he becomes her staunchest ally and her unexpected soulmate.

Elizabeth’s stalker threatens her happiness, as do those who wish secrets to remain buried. If she can’t reclaim her voice, her former boyfriend will fade away in a coma and her stalker may claim her life.

Don’t miss The Wish, which mixes the mundane with a hint of magic-a romantic and thrilling ride for anyone who imagines they could transform regret into their best decision.

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A Clash of Bullets (Love and Valor on the Frontier)
by Ethan Westfield
4.1 Stars (661 Reviews)
Genre: Western | Literature & Fiction | History

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Amidst the scorching desert sands of the Wild West, Johnny Smith wakes up with no memory of who he is or how he ended up in the middle of nowhere. But one thing is certain – someone wants him dead. As he treks through the rugged terrain, Johnny discovers that he was left for dead after being attacked by a group of mercenaries and now, he has to find a way to uncover the truth about his past.

With danger lurking around every corner, is all hope lost for him?

Maria, the fearless and stunning owner of the local saloon, sees Johnny and instantly recognizes him. Without hesitation, she offers him shelter, and from that moment, Maria becomes a trusted ally, determined to help him on his quest for justice. Despite the many dangers that lie ahead, Maria’s resolve never wavers.

Her heart is set on helping him no matter the cost.

As Johnny and Maria navigate this dangerous landscape, they must confront their darkest fears and innermost demons to emerge victorious. But as Johnny delves deeper into his forgotten life, he realizes that the past may be more complicated than he ever imagined. Can they overcome the odds and find redemption in a world plagued by lawlessness and treachery? The answer lies buried in the Wild West’s unforgiving landscape in this epic Western Adventure.

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Love Calls Softly (Beaumont Brides)
by Laura Haley-McNeil
4.4 Stars (524 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality | Religious & Inspirational Fiction | Romance | Contemporary Fiction

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The corporate axe hurt her and those she loves. His secrets lead to sleepless nights. Will the truth make them enemies or lead them to forgiveness and a chance to love?

When Tessa Carlisle loses her job, she jumps at the chance to spend the summer at her friend’s beach house. Her plan is simple — she’ll work at the local bakeshop until she’s ready to rejoin the corporate world.

Dillon Lowe is on the fast track at his company until the board makes a decision that makes him reevaluate his life goals. What better place to make that decision than the family beach house no one uses anymore?

Except Tessa’s using it. After she artfully explains they can’t both stay there, they draw the boundary lines. Dillon agrees to their marked territories. Too bad he didn’t realize her charm is the weapon that can chip at the barrier he’s built around his heart.

Secrets don’t stay buried. When the past is exposed, will it destroy a friendship or bring to light what they’re really fighting — a chance to fall in love?

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by Veronica Heley
4.0 Stars (91 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Thrillers

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When Sue Stephens comes across a car crash one January night, she finds it hard to believe it was a genuine accident.

She saw the car race past her, and the driver she caught a glimpse of was not the young, handsome man who she finds stinking of alcohol, bleeding heavily and spilling out of the driving seat.

So where is the real driver?

And why did he run off and leave this man unconscious?

When Sue takes the victim, Charles, to hospital he claims he can remember nothing since he left work three days earlier.

But is he lying to her?

She begins to fear he is involved in something illegal…

If so, is the handsome Charles a victim or villain of the piece?

And whose money — or life — is at stake? Should Sue retreat from the man who is beginning to steal her heart?

Or risk her life to find out the truth?

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by Jake Striker
4.1 Stars (64 Reviews)
Genre: War | Action & Adventure | Thrillers

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Black Ops expert Iceman is on the attack. His target: a brutal crime syndicate, led by Russian and Chinese drug lords. A force of evil sowing horror and havoc on US turf.

Battling armies of vicious mercenaries, betrayed and ambushed at every turn, Iceman must find and punish the guilty… before time runs out.

The odds are long and tough. Justice means torching the opposition. And failure means death.

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