“Danger is danger, gentlemen, and the manner of death matters very little to the dead man.”” THE WRECK OF THE MELVILLE is a novel of 19th-century shipwreck, mutiny, and occult mystery. Open the pages of a lost manuscript and glimpse a world of seafaring horror through a decidedly literary lens.

The Wreck of the Melville
by Mark Smeltz
4.4 Stars (13 Reviews)
Genre: Sea Adventure | Ghost Thrillers | Suspense

A lost manuscript from the late 1800s reveals the trials and tribulations of Gordon: a budding journalist cursed with a restless spirit. After stowing away on a sailing ship to meet his literary heroes travelling onboard, Gordon is thrust into adventure and peril on the high seas — and beyond. The ship’s captain, on a harrowing quest to locate his missing sister, throws Gordon and the crew into conflict with forces not of this world. The young journalist will have to confront the treachery of his companions, the rage of the sea, and the cosmic threat of entities beyond his own imagination… if he has any hope of reaching shore again.

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