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My Final Hoorah

It’s been fun standing in for Mrs. Basset, but I am happy to hand the reigns back over to her.  In our relationship, she is the funny one and I am the serious one.  We are both a bit on the nerdy side.  She keeps Book...

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Fashionably Late

Good morning all.  Hubby Basset here again.  I failed at the early morning thing today, instead sleeping in until 9am.  My wife will be back with you tomorrow with her unique blend of caffeine-and-lucky-charms-driven silliness. ...

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Respecting My Hubby

It’s 5am my time, and I am awake.  I have been for the past hour.  It’s times like this that I respect Mrs. Basset for getting up to do this every morning. I hope you all have a wonderful day! Living Again # Part 1...

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Not Your Ordinary Basset

Good morning all.  This is Mr. Basset (aka Hubby).  My wife has gone to do her annual Tough Mudder event and left me to hold down the fort.  I’m fairly certain she will tell you all about it starting on Monday.  In the...

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To Hug A Chicken Or Two

I think it might be possible my chickens love me. I shouldn’t be surprised I guess, but the thought sounds a bit absurd.  I have told you all before about the morning routine of opening the coop door and hugging each of...

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