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Author: The Basset's Apprentice

Easter Bunny

Good morning book lovers. I think I have discovered a chocolate bunny that may be in fact too cute to eat. I know you may think this is impossible but look at these bunnies I have discovered when walking past French chocolate...

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Spring Showers

I spy with my little eye a rainbow. – The Apprentice   Love at Eagle Station by Susan Warner (148 Reviews) Genre: Romance | Contemporary Fiction FREE for a limited time A town full of acceptance. A heart full of...

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The American Revolution

The first shots of the American Revolution. The battles of Lexington, Concord, and Bunker Hill. The British Major shouting, “Disperse, you damned rebels!” The American Colonel at Bunker Hill, calmly saying: “Don’t fire until you...

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So I Like Snow

Good morning fellow book lovers. Now I know it is now officially spring, and the flowers are starting to bloom but humor me for a moment and let’s go back to winter. This winter I really got to experience cold weather and...

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Guess The City

So while I have been here, in Paris, I have been able to do some traveling and see more of the world. Let’s play a little game and see if you can guess these three cities. – The Apprentice P.S. don’t worry the...

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